What is a Fathead Pizza?

Let us be very honest, there is virtually no one in the world who does not like pizza: Pizza tools . Pizza is a dish that you can enjoy at almost any time no matter what your age is. It contains ingredients that are bound to make your mouth water.

However, pizzas are extremely high in calories. This means that they aren’t necessarily healthy. They have lots of carbohydrates, which means that eating pizzas regularly will make you gain weight and a lot of body fat.

People looking to lose weight and start a healthier lifestyle should try to cut pizza out of their diet. It is an extremely difficult step for them as pizza is a delicacy that is hard to stay away from. Not any more though, now there is a healthier alternative to regular pizzas known as a flathead pizza.

This pizza tastes equally good, if not more than regular pizzas, it is extremely low in calories especially carbohydrates and it has essential ingredients with great nutritional value. We have the ketogenic diet to thank for this pizza. You can consume it whenever you want. It is high in fats, has decent amount of proteins, and is low in carbohydrates, making sure that the recipe completely follows the ketogenic diet guidelines.

Why Is This Pizza Called Fathead?

The main reason why this pizza has gotten this name is because of the person who came up with it. Tom Naughton is the visionary behind the revolutionary recipe of this keto-friendly pizza. Tom made a documentary about health and food, it was called fathead, which is where the name comes from.

Variety Of Toppings

This pizza is proof that following a healthy diet regimen does not have to be boring. With a little bit of creativity, you can make sure that health and good taste go hand in hand. There are varieties of toppings you can apply on your pizza. You can choose virtually any kind of protein you want such as pork, chicken, bacon, and salami etc. They all make for great fathead pizza toppings.

You can use herbs, fresh tomatoes, artichokes, and olives etc. if you are not a meat lover. You also have different types of cheese to choose from. Feta cheese, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, brie, and blue cheese are just some of the cheese options for the fathead pizza.

What Is The Crust Made From?

The crust of the fathead pizza is usually made from Almond Flour; however, you can also use cabbage flour as an alternative. Both these flours are low in carbohydrates and add great nutritional value to this delicious pizza. You can also purchase cauliflower crust.

Preparing this pizza take very little time. You can prepare the fathead pizza and serve it within an hour at max. Make sure that you use Organic Unsweetened Tomato or pizza sauce for this pizza to make sure that it is completely natural and free from ingredients that contain preservatives.

Overall, the fathead pizza is a satisfying and mouth-watering keto-friendly dish that has almost every famous pizza flavor. You could not go wrong by choosing this dish as a regular part of your diet plan.



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