What Can I Have for Lunch On Keto?

Adapting to a keto diet plan involves some food restrictions that can sometimes be difficult to follow. The plan usually requires you to add maximum number of veggies and other low carb content foods to your daily intake. Hence, a keto lunch can be a boring affair with only a limited number of options for meals. If you are fed up of the usual and consistent keto lunch meals, you can look towards better ideas.

Here are a few meal ideas you can take into consideration for your lunchtime:

Low Carb Lasagna

Despite having zucchini as a replacement for noodles, the low carb lasagna still makes a delicious lunch meal.  The taste is almost the same and it consists of the same cheesy texture that comes in regular lasagna. There are many benefits of using zucchini as an alternative for noodles. Zucchini is rich in potassium, antioxidants and consists of a low calorie rate, which makes it a worthy substitute.

Chicken Salad

It might seem quite simple and common but chicken salad is something you should definitely have in your plans. The high amount of flavors makes the meal incredible and quite delicious. It consists of some chicken chunks loaded with your preferred vegetables that provide the tasty flavor.

Spinach Mozzarella Burgers

While spinach might not seem a tasty option, topping it up with some mozzarella cheese makes it quite a treat. An interesting thing about the meal is that it consists of no bread. The cheese and spinach is stuffed inside a beef patty that further makes the meal a tasty one.

Keto Chili

If you want a bit of spiciness in your meal, making a low carb keto chili is a wonderful idea. The meal is easy to make and is usually prepared for six servings. With such a meal, you are bound to have your taste buds satisfied.

Shrimp and Avocado Salad Bowl

If you are looking for a quick and an easy meal to fill up your demanding stomach, this is something you can consider for your lunch. A little mixture of shrimp and butter with some common vegetable proves to be quite flavorful. Moreover, the meal requires only about 10-15 minutes of your time for preparation with a simple preparation process.

Tomato Basil Soup

A perfectly made soup is a great way to calm your mind down. You might feel restricted to try out your favorite soup but the tomato basil soup makes up a great alterative. The ingredients consist of canned tomatoes and mascarpone cheese that are quite beneficial for your health.

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Sushi Rolls

While sushi and rice makes up a delicious meal but not certainly does not come in keto-friendly lunch options. This is because rice has large carb content and is not favorable for your keto plans. However, you can use cauliflower as a substitute that will provide almost the same taste when mixed with sushi.

Roasted Chicken Stacks

The meal certainly does not sound boring at all. Topped up with crispy prosciutto and cabbage, this is something you should definitely try for your keto lunch.

These creative ideas will make your lunch means enjoyable and tastier. Hence, if you are looking to make your keto diet plans a tad more bearable, having these meals is the right way to get on your path.


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