What Can I Have For Dinner On A Keto Diet?

Most people who do not know about the ketogenic diet would think you are joking if you tell them that there is a diet that allows you to all the cheese, eggs, and bacon you want. Low carbs, a moderate amount of protein, and high fats are what make the ketogenic diet so effective.

People who have not practiced the ketogenic diet often think that it is a dull and boring diet that restricts people from consuming a wide variety of foods. Although this is true to some extent, there are numerous keto-friendly dishes you can have that are not only nutritious, but are also extremely delicious.

The best thing about keto is that once you really study it and take a deeper look into it, you will learn that this is not simply a diet, you can also make it a lifestyle.  The amount of keto-friendly ingredient that we have at our disposal are sufficient to allow us to make virtually any kind of dish we want to.

Whether you are a chef or a stay at home mom, you are probably always thinking about the next meal you have to prepare. Well, do not stress your mind too much as mentioned below are some dinners that you can easily have for dinner on a ketogenic diet.

1.     Sesame Chicken

You will know exactly what sesame chicken is if you are a fan of Chinese food. The only difference between the keto-friendly sesame chicken and the Chinese sesame chicken is the amount of carbs present in it.

There are virtually no carbs present in this sesame chicken and it is an excellent choice for a healthy ketogenic dinner. You will simply have to follow the original recipe and all you will have to do is eliminate the noodles and the rice.

2.     Creamy Chicken Bacon Casserole

Chicken and bacon casserole is a dish that people following any diet love. It is delicious enough to be enjoyed for days without getting bored with it. Using broccoli instead of noodles or pasta is the trick that makes this casserole a keto-friendly dish. It is low in calories, has moderate protein, high fats, and extremely low carbs.

3.     Stuffed Pork Chops

It is no secret that almost everyone loves pork chops. Make them stuffed pork chops and they almost sound too good to be true. You have to fully cook this pork chop as it is stuffed. You will need to stuff the pork chops with cheese, which making that this dish extremely delicious.

4.     Chicken Avocado Casserole

This is another casserole dinner recipe that you simply could not go wrong with. (By the way, in case you’re like me and need some new baking dishes. I just got these Glass Baking Dishes and are perfect!) The best thing about casseroles is that you can try a variety of ingredients in them and they will still taste exquisite. Adding avocado to the mix is something that will prove to be great for your casserole. It will increase the fats and make your casserole nutritionally dense.

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