What Are Some Foods I Can Have On Keto

Recent studies have stunned people by concluding the positive effects of keto on overall health. Not to mention, the keto diet has become quite popular in a short time span.

More and more people are curious about it and willing to make dietary changes to get its amazing benefits.

This low-carb and high-in-fat ketogenic diet is beneficial for those who have cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and obesity.

Here is a list of nutrient-dense foods to consume on a keto diet.

1.           Meat, Poultry, and Seafood

Sea-foods contain fewer carbs but have a slew of omega-3s fatty acids. That is why nutritionists recommend regular consumption of salmon, shellfish, mackerel, and sardines. These fatty fish sources contain whopping levels of omega-3 fatty acids which lower the risks of psychological diseases and improve heart health.

Incorporating certain seafood along with an adequate serving of poultry and meat can become a source of high-quality protein. It is worth noting that not all plant-based diets provide protein which is an essential nutrient for your wellbeing.

Moreover, these options are a powerhouse of vitamin B12 which is an absorbable form of creatine, iron, and taurine. Fresh poultry can become your ultimate source of several minerals like selenium, zinc, and potassium.

Many people discard egg yolk not knowing it contains nutrients including thirteen essential antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein that protect your eyes. No question, eggs yolk contains high levels of cholesterol. But, it does not raise cholesterol levels in the bloodstream in most cases.

Moderate consumption of egg yolk shapes LDL in your body and alleviates the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases. One large egg is lower in carbs and high in various nutrients which make it a keto-friendly food option.

2.           Dark Chocolate

You do not need to feel guilty over consuming chocolate. If you are fond of dark chocolate, take note that it does not hurt your health. Dark chocolate contains cocoa which is a storehouse of several flavanols. These flavanols come in handy in reducing high blood pressure and increase insulin resistance. Cocoa also provides antioxidants. Despite that, you should watch the quantity you consume to steer clear of adverse effects.

3.           Olives and Olive Oil

Virgin oil olive or olives contain nutritious compounds including a phenolic compound, which is also known as oleocanthal. Studies have proven that oleocanthal is similar to the anti-inflammatory agent – ibuprofen. This element functions to relieve mild to severe pain and even chronic inflammation. Furthermore, the one-ounce of olives provides only 2 gram of carbs which is why it is ideal for ketogenic dieters.

4.           Berries

It is true that certain fruits are high in carbs and not beneficial. However, some kinds of berries like strawberries and blackberries are all you need. Moreover, there are many types of berries packed with distinct anthocyanins, which are flavonoids. You can tell the amount of the compound each variety has by the color of a berry, which varies from red to blue to purple. These flavonoids have anti-inflammatory effects on your body and keep health-damaging factors at bay.

Bottom Line

Keto diet is a great way to keep your health on track. So, incorporate nutritious foods into your diet and make a difference.

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