My Husband Refuses To Do Keto, What Do I Do?

Consuming fatty foods on a daily basis increases your calorie intake which leads to obesity in a short time span. Obese individuals are more vulnerable to chronic diseases, like cancer, than normal people. In this case, the ketogenic diet sounds a good option due to its numerous positive benefits on your health.

It is easy to follow the keto diet. However, it can be extremely difficult for your spouse. Many women have revealed that keeping keto diet on the track gets difficult for them because their husbands refuse to stop consuming apples, pastries, potatoes, and bread.

It is truly annoying when your partner does not understand the significance of healthy eating, especially when you are enthusiastic about shedding some extra pounds.

So, if you are trying to follow the ketogenic diet, but your husband is not willing to compromise, here is a quick guide for you.

How to Get Your Husband on the Keto Diet

Encouraging your partner to make certain dietary changes can be a pain in the neck. However, with patience and determination, you can achieve this milestone. This means that you should not expect him to opt for a keto diet because of your decision. Instead, you should try the following steps to get your husband on board.

1.      Explain the Significance of the Ketogenic Diet

You can find plenty of material online on keto diets and their benefits. However, sending each article to your husband will not make any difference. You need to make your partner’s mind; so, do not pressurize him. You should read some literature on a daily basis to learn more about the keto diet plan and prepare to give satisfactory answers.

You can even get a book on keto diet which comes in handy when you need to motivate your husband or need a new recipe. Moreover, find real-life examples of couples who opted for the keto diet and achieved desired results. These experiences will help strengthen your case.

2.      Prepare Food in Large Portions

Heavy cream, avocado, or butter is everyone’s favorite. You should begin with foods that contain delicious fatty options to motivate your husband. Moreover, consuming fats at the beginning of keto is necessary to burn more fat in your body. You should take advantage of this step by preparing meals in large portions, allowing your spouse to taste the goodness of keto-friendly meals.

3.      Allow Eating Out

You cannot force anyone, including your spouse, to start keto diet immediately and follow it religiously. Therefore, when following a strict keto diet, if your husband prefers to consume burgers or order other fatty foods, stay patient. Your determination and consistency will surely change his mind.

4.      Prepare Two Meals

Opting for dietary changes is neither easy for adults nor for children. Keep in mind that developing healthy eating habits always take time. You can begin your journey by cooking two meals. It seems a lot of work but it’s worth the effort. You can prepare keto-meal for you and one with carbs for your husband. In this case, you have an option to limit the number of carbs to keep it on the healthy side.

Bottom Line

Forcing your foodie partner to adopt keto lifestyle seems a time-consuming process. With patience, discipline, and consistency you can get the job done.

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