How To Keep Keto In A Restaurant?

When following the ketogenic diet, eating out means breaking the rule. You will be surprised to learn that you can enjoy a fancy meal and a good time with your friends and stay in ketosis. You will only need to take a few careful steps to maintain your low-carb and high-fat keto lifestyle.

It is a general concept that cafés, coffee shops, or other eateries offer processed food and sugary beverages that can ruin your efforts in no time. However, this article will guide you on how to stay in ketosis while eating in a restaurant.

Avoid Starch

Starchy foods such as rice, potatoes, bread, and pasta affect ketosis. So, you need to look for starch-free food options. For instance, you can ask to replace starchy food items with salad or extra vegetable when ordering an entrée.

If you are craving a burger or club sandwich, you should ask for lettuce wraps instead of buns. In case the restaurant does not offer substitutes, feel free to discard unwanted item and eat the good part.

There is a possibility of seeing your plate served with a starchy item. You should leave it there if you can and resist temptation.

However, ask the waiter to eliminate it immediately. Or, you can simply pass it on to your friend if you are dining in a casual restaurant. It is wise to discuss food options or substitutes with the waiter to avoid an unpleasant situation.

Be Careful with Sauces

There is no question that the mouthwatering sauces can enhance the flavor of your food but they are also high in calories and other keto-unfriendly ingredients. Some of the sauces like ketchup are full of carbs which you should avoid. And other sauce options such as béarnaise contain a considerable amount of fat.

When ordering your food, feel free to ask for a high-in-fat sauce. Moreover, discussing sauce ingredients is also a handy option. You can quickly make your decision and cancel a sauce if it contains flour or sugar. Plus, always ask the waiter to serve the sauce on the side of the meal as this way you can avoid over-consumption.

Ask for Healthy Fats

Many restaurants have low-in-fat and high-in-carbs meals on the menu. That is why eating out for a ketogenic dieter is stressful. However, we have solved this problem for you. To get your dose of healthy fats, you should opt for the following:

  • Ask for vinegar and olive oil sauces or dressing. You should add a considerable amount of olive oil on your salad.
  • Ask for extra melted butter whether you order meat or vegetables.

Drinks and Dessert

Sorting out drinks before the order is also necessary. You should only consider options like coffee, tea, sparkling water, and of course – water. In the case of alcoholic beverages, you can go for champagne, dry wine, or light beer.

Furthermore, think about sipping on a nice cup of tea or coffee after finishing up your meal and let your friends eat their chocolaty dessert. You should avoid typical restaurant desserts – and order a cheese plate or berries with heavy cream.

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Bottom Line

You can still enjoy a meal out with your friends. Just focus on keto-friendly food options and you are good to go.


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