How Often Should I Weigh Myself On Keto?

Losing weight on a ketogenic diet is effective and shows results in a short time span. If you have opted for a keto diet to drop extra pounds, you may have encountered an urge to step on the weight measuring scale almost every day.

It is true that seeing a lower number on the scale is motivating and rewarding. On the other hand, not witnessing any change can leave you in a frustrating state. If you are unsure whether you should weigh yourself daily, weekly, or monthly, here is a quick guide for you.

It is true that the ketogenic diet plan allows you to lose a whopping number of pounds just in a few weeks. The process of ketosis burns body fats which ultimately lead to weight loss. This way, sometimes your body burns and flushes out excess water, making you look slimmer in the process. Take note that a ketogenic diet plan has a diuretic effect; so, do not worry when you feel the urge to urinate more than usual.

Moreover, it is not clear that how much weight you will lose each week. According to nutrients, keto surely burns fat but does not decrease lean muscle. Therefore, when you workout with keto, you might gain a few extra pounds in lean muscle mass but lose inches at the same time. Don’t forget to measure with a body fat measuring tape.

Weighing yourself on a daily basis can become stressful if you look at it as a foe when on the ketogenic diet. You need to comprehend that other factors like hydration, muscle mass, or hormones are associated with weight loss as well. Therefore, you should look at the weighing scale with a practical approach and try focus on other aspects not only numbers.

A study revealed that people who stepped on measuring scale on a daily basis have observed rapid weight loss compared to the participants who did not develop weighing habits. The study further elaborated that people who prefer to wait for two weeks between weigh-ins gained weight. Also, participants who weighed on a daily basis maintained their weight without making a significant effort. It is worth noting that weighing yourself on a daily basis makes you accountable for it.

Not everyone is smart enough to learn and change their eating rituals according to the numbers on the scale. Your progress can motivate or de-motivate you at the same time. However, weighing daily is a great way that encourages you to consume healthy meals as the factual information influences your mind subconsciously. You can keep your weight loss journey on track if you follow the ketogenic diet.

If you are weighing yourself and not seeing desired results due to depression or anxiety, avoid stepping on the measuring scale on a daily basis. In this case, nutritionists recommend weighing yourself once a week or once in two weeks.

However, be sure to choose one day to measure weight and follow the pattern until you reach your goals.

Bottom Line

Most people have panic attacks over slow or no progress. When it comes to weight loss through a ketogenic diet, you should set realistic goals. Weighing on a daily basis can help you achieve your ideal weight if you make dietary changes accordingly.

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