How Does Keto Differ from Paleo?

Ketogenic and Paleo diets can often appear on the same list when you talk about starting a healthy diet for weight loss. It is quite possible that you have seen both of these in your daily health magazine as well. These two diets have become quite popular mainly because of their low-carb focus. You might be questioning how different these two can be, mainly when they serve the same purpose.

Although they can be similar, Keto and Paleo diets differ in many ways. Here are a few major differences to help you decide which one suits you the best:-

Fat Levels

One of the differences between the two diet plans is the amount of fat intake. A Paleo diet as compared to a Keto diet revolves around a lower fat intake level. This is mainly due to the inclusion of dairy and soy foods in the Keto diet plan. Some examples are high-fat yogurt, tofu, and heavy cream.

Carbohydrate Levels

A Keto diet plan is more flexible as it focuses more on the consumption of macronutrients. There is a big difference between the two weight loss plans when it comes to carb consumption.  A Paleo diet plan encourages maximum intake of whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, and untreated sweeteners.

Although it restricts the use of grains and processed sugar, it still consists of a higher carb ratio as compared to the Keto diet plan. In Keto diets, there is a certain limit set to the carb consumption rate that makes it a low-carb diet.  It eliminates the use of foods such as legumes, most fruits and vegetables and grains as well. Natural sweeteners like Monk Fruit, Stevia, and Xylitol though can be used while on the keto diet.

Ketone Levels

One of the main purposes of taking a Keto diet is to boost the ketone levels in your body. After taking a proper Keto diet, your body goes into a metabolic state called nutritional ketosis.  Some common food examples of ketone enhancing foods are fish, cheese, and eggs. However, a Paleo diet does not contribute much to the ketone levels, which is a key difference between the two.

Food Quality as a Focal Point

The focus on the type of food and food quality is a noticeable difference between the two healthy diet plans. A Paleo diet emphasizes more on the quality of the food. The plan is more selective when it comes to nutrient density and toxic free foods. However, a Keto diet does not emphasize food quality but differs in terms of food selection.

The Bottom-Line

Each of the diet plans has different uses that lead to different benefits for your body. For instance, a Keto plan is a common selection for individuals focusing on weight loss and trying to manage their blood sugar levels. A paleo diet plan focuses more on maintaining your cholesterol levels by promoting a heavy intake of carbohydrates. It is important to know that a Paleo diet plan is a better long-term option as it has numerous variations. Similarly, a Keto diet is a preferable choice for a short-term weight loss plan. In the end, your choice matters the most, so it is important for you to choose wisely.

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