Do I Have To Stay On Keto For The Rest Of My Life?

Keto diet appeals to many people when it comes to shedding extra pounds. It is when your body runs 100% on body fat. It is worth noting the human body produces ketones which are fuel molecules. So, when on low sugar or glucose, your body gets energy from ketones. (You can always try these testing strips that I use to measure your state of ketosis here: Perfect Keto Ketone Testing Strips) These molecules are necessary for better functioning of your brain as the organ functions on ketones or glucose.

Apart from weight loss, the ketogenic diet has several benefits, such as:

  • Reduced appetite
  • Reduced insulin level
  • Low blood pressure
  • Low triglycerides
  • High good cholesterol levels

At this point, you may think whether you need to only stay on the keto diet once your body gets used to it or not. The answer to this frequently asked question varies. Nutritionists have mixed opinions in this regard as keto is a low-carb diet whereas carbs are a regular way to get instant energy.

Studies have concluded that Native Americans and other Great Plains tribes lived in a state of ketosis permanently.

Moreover, keto meal plans have shown positive effects on children with brain disorders like epilepsy. Many epileptic children follow the ketogenic diet for up to 12 years. According to health experts, the keto diet is based on low-carbs and provides short-term results. However, there are various health issues associated with a low-carb diet.

USDA recommends your diet should include equal portions of grains, vegetables, and fruits along with 20% protein. On the other hand, non-protein foods are also essential to promote digestion. That is why nutritionists encourage people to opt for a balanced diet.

So, you should incorporate carbohydrates when on a low-carb diet once or twice in a week to follow a balanced diet plan. Also, if you do High-Intensity Training (HIT) along with keto, you need to intake carbs more often.

Furthermore, staying in a ketosis state for an extended period is not ideal. It surely results in weight and fat loss rapidly. However, it also contributes to several health problems. For instance, following a ketogenic diet for years can lead to a state called ketoacidosis. Your blood turns acidic in this condition and results in chronic health complications.

Alcoholics or people with diabetes are more likely to encounter health issues as compared to other people with no medical history or addiction. If you have a health condition or are on medication, you need opt for thorough medical checkups on a regular basis to monitor your condition and detect complications.

It is true that many people across the world are following a keto diet for years without the development of major health problems. You should know that your body might not respond positively to a certain diet plan which benefits other people. This is because each body type has a different reaction.

Bottom Line

Ketogenic diets have become popular in a short time span due to their incredible health benefits including weight loss. No question, it seems like a safe diet plan to achieve your weight goal. Despite that, we suggest consulting a health expert before starting a keto diet.

This way, you will get the desired results and guidance whether you should continue to stay in a state of ketosis permanently or only for a certain time.

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