Can I Have Wine Or Alcohol On Keto?

The ketogenic diet allows you to consume many savory food items. From seafood to bowl of berries, you can stuff yourself with various nutrient-dense meals. However, it raises all sorts of questions when it comes to alcohol consumption. Not to mention, after putting in significant efforts for a whole week, no one would want to ruin it by binge-drinking alcoholic beverages on weekend.

Keto diet allows every option that contains low carbohydrates. And, when it comes to alcohol, you still have a few options, such as:


Choosing a keto-friendly wine is a complicated process without having nice Wine Glasses. The first thing you need to do is avoid drinking cheap wines which contain a significant amount of sugar. You should opt for either dry red or white wines. Dry wines do not only have low sugar levels, but low carbs as well.

It is worth noting that some dry wines are not allowed on keto diet due to the number of additives. An average dry wine bottle is packed with almost 76 different additives including metals, ammonia, coloring, and defoaming agents. There is a slew of chemicals present in each dry wine as well.

Plus, you should not overlook the presence of carcinogenic mycotoxins in dry wine that often are present due to inappropriate fermentation.

In this case, you should choose organic dry farm wines. This variety is tested in labs and is safe for people on a keto diet. You should know that white wines like pinot blanc contain 0.57 grams of carbs per ounce whereas dry red wines such as merlot contain only 0.74 grams of carbs.

Other Liquor Varieties

Clear liquor contains 40% of alcohol and zero carbs. This indicates that scotch, brandy, whiskey, vodka, tequila, and rum are all keto-friendly beverages in your favorite drinking glass. You cannot overlook the fact that hard liquor is prepared from potatoes, fruits, grains, and natural sugars.

During distillation and fermentation, the sugar from the ingredients is converted into a compound called ethyl alcohol. That is why consuming any kind of liquor facilitate ketosis. Ingestion of alcohol effects liver metabolism, producing ketones.

However, these liquors will be of no use when mixed with something to make a palatable drink. You can mix any of liquor with seltzer when on keto. But, you need to avoid tonic water which is a bitter variety of soda prepared from quinine.

This tonic water contains 30 to 33 grams of cabs. Moreover, when you mix your drink with fruit juices, sodas or other options, you get plenty of sugars and carbs, affecting the process of ketosis adversely. On the other hand, flavored alcohols such as coconut flavored vodka also contain extra sugar and carbs which you should avoid.

Apart from this, you should not consume beer due to the ingredients. Beer is made of barley, yeast, and hops, which are not considered keto-friendly options. When your body receives barely, it breaks it down it into sugar maltose with yeast acting on it; beer provides more carbohydrates than a straight liquor option.

Bottom Line

No question, choosing an alcoholic beverage on a keto diet is a difficult task. You should avoid a variety that contains excess carbs and sugars. Dry wines or other straight liquors are low in carbohydrates. So, you can choose one from these options and promote ketosis at the same time.


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