Aren’t Some Carbs Necessary?

For your body to function well, it needs a regular healthy diet. The adopted diet plan should consist of the right amount of nutrients that are beneficial for your health. You might not include carbohydrates in your diet under the impression that they will increase your weight.  However, carbs are an essential part of any healthy diet and offer many health benefits to your body.

Here are the three types of carbs your body benefits from:-

  • Starch: usually found in vegetables, peas, and beans.
  • Sugar: usually found in milk and vegetables.
  • Fiber: found in beans, peas, and vegetables.

Sources of Carbs

We obtain carbs from numerous foods and drinks mostly in the form of starch and sugar. Some of the most common sources of carbohydrates include grains, seeds, legumes, and fruits. Vegetables and some dairy products such as milk are also rich in carbs.

Why Take Carbs?

Carbs make up about 45%-60% of your daily calories that indicates its significance for your health. Here are a few reasons why you should take carbs:-

For Weight Control

Despite diet companies labeling them as weight gaining sources, carbs contribute a lot to controlling your weight.  If you eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, you might be able to cut some unhealthy fat. The fiber content in such foods helps in making you feel full that leads to less calorie consumption.

To Enhance Brain Power

Your brain requires a specific amount of glucose to work like a well-oiled machine. Carbs have proven to be a major source of glucose as compared to proteins. Proteins are not able to provide a sufficient amount of sugar, which might slow down your brain. A slow working brain creates memory problems, negative thoughts, and difficulty in problem solving.  It is important that you consume the right carbs to ensure that you remain free of stress and think positively.

For Protection against Diseases

Carbs are an essential food source when it comes to protection against heart diseases. A healthy intake of fruits and vegetables is a great way to avoid type 2-diabetes and obesity. Any carbs rich in fiber is essential in providing the right security against numerous health-related risks.

Carbs Are Rich in Vitamins

High-carb containing foods are quite rich in vitamins. Our body needs many vitamins to function properly. Without vitamins, your body won’t be able to make sufficient red blood cells that can create many problems.

 The Bottom-Line

Apart from providing health benefits, the right carb consumption can also have some physiological benefits as well.  For instance, carbs lift your mood and help to keep your temper in check. Your mind also remains fresh and functions properly with the help of carbs.

Keep in mind that anything taken in excess can be harmful to you. You need to ensure that you take a regular and a balanced diet. Abandoning carbs from your diet plan might lead to some severe health problems.



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